Wirebird 2.1 Source Code

This is the source code used for the Arduino microcontroller board (using the AD595 thermocouple amplifiers), the data collection scripts, rrdtool data storage and graphing functions. The code is commented, so download and hack away!



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Cranberry Sauce Ready!

Hi there! We’ve just had some friends over for Taco Tuesday and made some cranberry sauce in parallel; the new batch for this year has loads of ginger and citrus with pear and clove hints. It’s in the canning pot right now sterilizing! We have three cans from last year we might try in a vertical tasting.

Note from Robin: One of the first things I learned about Chris when I met him was the story of his famous cranberry sauce making skillz. This year I documented his annual ritual in photos:

Cranberries Into The Pot! So Many! One Pear For Each Jar Of Sauce Pouring The Cranberries Pouring More Cranberries Stirring The Sauce

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